Even with shipping costs, he was cheaper than buying local. I purchased a pair of these beautiful plecos and they made a nice addition to my freshwater amazon tank. They are good hearty plecos, eating well and really stand out with their spotted colors. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for an exotic pleco. Golden Vampire Pleco - Leporacanthicus heterodon Size is about 2. Very rare pleco, only a few left in stock! Great pleco for community fish tanks as they are super friendly!

Grows to a max size of These guys are super popular with pleco lovers and many people love their light color which makes them stand out from the common plecos! The chocolate pleco is also known as the albino pleco. Size is about inches roughly. This is a rare fish that is perfect for the true pleco enthusiast! Very rare plec…. These guys are super popular with pleco lovers and many people love their light color which makes th…. Size is about 7-….

Golden Nugget Pleco - Baryancistrus spp. Very beautiful and active plecos! Beautiful bright …. Blue Phantom Pleco - Hemiancistrus sp. Part of the s….The Colombian Vampire Plecos are fairly large and impressive animals. L is black with lots of white dots all over, except for the edges of the fins which are spotless.

In aquarium these are quite hardy and adaptable creatures, as long as they are given proper food and good water quality. L is among the more regular l-numbers to be exported from Colombia. L is exported together with the very similar L L has a lighter colouration, a smaller dorsal fin, usually bigger white spots and a lower, shorter body. L has a longer head. These fish must be kept in well filtered and clean aquariums with lots of hiding places.

They are peaceful towards most other fish, but the males can be territorial and aggressive towards each other. Leporacanthicus are meat eaters, and should be fed a protein rich diet consisting of crustaceans, shrimps, mussels and fish meat.

Good quality dried foods should also be offered. Larger specimens can produce big clutches of or so eggs. Leporacanthicus sp. L Photo: Haakon Haagensen. L Photo: Ole Paulsen. L Photo: Cristoffer Forssander. L, female Photo: Cristoffer Forssander. L, male Photo: Cristoffer Forssander.Has this page been useful?

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Quick links. Female Female Male guarding cave Fry Juvenile F1 Juvenile Close-up of male's head Male guarding cave Two day old fry Male Dorsal view of male broader head Dorsal view of female narrower head Female pectoral fin smaller odontodes Male pectoral fin One year old F1 juvenile Close-up of caudal fin Close-up of head of juvenile Close-up of body odontodes. Species Information Size mm or 9. Find nearnearer or same sized spp.

L201 Snowball Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.) - Tank-Bred!

Identification All Leporacanthicus spp. This Venezuelan species is very similar to Leproacanthicus galaxias but appears slightly more vertically flattened. The juveniles have bigger and fewer spots and as they get older, the spots will get relatively smaller and greater in number but, in general, bigger than L and with more space between each spot. Sexing Adult males have a much longer and broader head with small odontodes on the sides of head, more odontodes on pectoral fin spine and on the whole body, a bigger dorsal fin and normally a prettier coloration.

Habitat Information Distribution Venezuela OrinocoUpper Orinoco click on these areas to find other species found there Log in to view data on a map. Husbandry Information Feeding Not a true vegetarian so a wide variety of foods, including algae wafers, cucumber or courgette zucchinifrozen bloodworm, prawns, shrimps and tablet food.

Shelled crustaceans or mollusks appear favourite foods but should be fed sparingly or used for conditioning. Furniture Prefers bogwood and darker rocks.

Compatibility Gets on with small lively catfish but avoid too many other larger bottom dwellers unless space permits due to the territorial disputes. Males tend to be less aggressive towards females. This species is a cave spawner. The female lays around 30 to eggs depending on her size and condition.

The eggs are quite large, around mm and orange in colour. The male will stay in the cave with the eggs and guard his den until the fry have absorbed their yolk sac.

l241 pleco

The fry stay close to the males cave benefiting from his protection in the cave. The fry will absorb the yolk sac within days, but may stay even longer around the cave. The cave should be placed where the current is on the return from the filter side. The male always chooses a cave where the current is the strongest because that place will provide water with most oxygen for the eggs and fry.

Shadow around the cave is also good to provide, as it makes the male feel comfortable. This can be achieved by using bogwood over the cave and flat stones around the opening. Do this and the cave is well provided for breeding LL tiger Pleco Ancistrus species. L angelicus Pleco Hypancistrus species. L Big Spot Pleco Peckoltia oligospila. L14 Golden Magnum pleco Scobinancistrus aureatus. L20 polka dot pleco Oligancistrus species. L24 Super Red Pleco Pseudacanthicus species. L24 Tucurui pleco Pseudacanthicus species.

L25 scarlet cactus pleco Pseudacanthicus species. L27 Jamanxim Royal Pleco Panaque nigrolineatu. L27b Platinum Royal Pleco Panaque nigrolineatu. L27d thunder royal Pleco Panaque ambrusteri. L29 galaxy Pleco Leporacanthicus galaxias.

L30 Peppermint Pleco Oligancistrus species. L31 peppermint pleco Parancistrus nudiventri. L34 Medusa Pleco Ancistrus ranunculus. L37 honeycomb Pleco Hypostomus faveolus. L46 Zebra Pleco Hypancistrus zebra. L47 Magnum Pleco Baryanicistrus species. L52 Butterfly Pleco Zonancistrus species. L66 Super Yellow Pleco Baryanicistrus species. L67 Yellow-edged Bearded Pleco Pseudancistrus species. L75 Dalmation Pleco Ancistomus species.These unique looking plecos are a one of a kind and are a bit different from your typical pleco.

L240 Galaxy Pleco / Vampire Pleco

They have are light grey patterned with dark grey squiggles on their bodies and they have red eyes and the dorsal fins are edged with cream or gold, making them very exotic looking! Add one to your tank today! He will survive.

100 Types Of Pleco Fish

Got a nice Royal pleco looks beautiful and they had a variety of other different plecos a. Size is about inches. These Vampire Plecos are some of the most gorgeous plecos you can find in the tropical fish hobby!!

Size is about 2 inches roughly. These guys are super popular with pleco lovers and many people love their light color which makes them stand out from the common plecos! The chocolate pleco is also known as the albino pleco. These guys are super popular with pleco lovers and many people love their light color which makes th…. Golden Nugget Pleco - Baryancistrus spp.

Very beautiful and active plecos! Beautiful bright …. Blue Phantom Pleco - Hemiancistrus sp.


Royal Pleco - Panaque nigrolineatus L Current Stock:. Please create a new Wishlist. Description Videos Reviews Panaque nigrolineatus - Royal Pleco known as L Plecostomus These unique looking plecos are a one of a kind and are a bit different from your typical pleco. Size is about 2. These unique Related Products. Add to Cart. Quick view Compare. Customers Also Viewed.Sold Out.

The L Snowball Pleco Hypancistrus sp. Its black body with large white polka dots makes it a very striking fish for the planted or nano aquarium. Like many plecos, the Snowball Pleco has generally been a wild-caught species, but we are proud to be among the first stores to offer tank-raised juveniles at a much lower cost than wild-caught specimens!

l241 pleco

A generally peaceful and hardy species, the Snowball Pleco is an excellent, undemanding candidate for most aquariums. This smaller size makes for a much more manageable and less messy pleco that can thrive permanently in a well-maintained aquarium as small as 40 gallons.

Male plecos may be somewhat territorial with other males of their species, but disputes can usually be diffused by providing ample territory and hiding places for each fish. All other fish tankmates will be generally ignored, although it is likely that dwarf shrimp will fall prey to the Snowball Pleco.

However, ornamental snails will not be bothered and large Amano, Green Lace, Flower, and Vampire Shrimp are generally unthreatened by the Snowball Pleco. The Snowball Pleco is primarily nocturnal, but will often become active during daytime hours once established in an aquarium with plenty of driftwood, rockwork, and other hiding places.

It is not known to eat wood heavily like some plecos Panaque sp. The Snowball Pleco will not bother most plants and it is not an effective algae-eater. Feed the Snowball Pleco a diet heavy in both meaty and vegetable matter, including high-quality vegetable flakes, sinking algae wafers, and pellets.

l241 pleco

It will also appreciate being fed some fresh vegetables such as shelled peas, spinach, zucchini and cucumber. This species requires a well-maintained aquarium with moderate to high water flow in order to thrive.

Aquatic Ferns Bucephalandra sp. L Snowball Pleco Hypancistrus sp. Choose a Pack: 1 Fish. Group of 3 Juveniles. Group of 6 Juveniles. The Snowball Pleco is an extremely beautiful and very peaceful, hardy addition to almost any aquarium.

l241 pleco

At a maximum size of 5. This fish will not bother most plants. It will also scavenge and consume most uneaten fish food. The Snowball Pleco is an aquarium fish with a unique appearance as well as plenty of personality. Newest Arrivals Newest Arrivals. Connect Join our Mailing List for special discounts and notifications about new and limited stock items. Search our store.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Doodles Start date Aug 19, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Doodles Retired Staff. Apr 8, 8, 0 Can be aggressive to its own kind or similar-looking fish when the fish are living in cramped conditions. Males also develop ondontodes around the edge of the snout whereas females don't.

Diet: A close look at the teeth of this pleco reveals we're dealing with a carnivore. Meaty foods like shrimp, krill, mussels, pieces of fish, blood worms, mosquito larvae, sinking carnivore wafers etc. Water parameters: Temp c PH 5. A young specimen can temporarily be kept in a relatively small tank: when it's the only catfish in the tank, a 32x14" 80x35cm. Mature adults require a larger tank: at least 40x16" x40cm.