Bocconi provides undergraduategraduate and post-graduate education in the fields of economicsfinancelawmanagementpolitical scienceand public administration. Bocconi University is consistently ranked as the top university in Italy in its fields, and as one of the best in the world.

The campus was originally located in Via Statuto near the Pinacoteca di Brerawhere its first building was inaugurated in The current campus is now located beside Parco Ravizza, between Via Sarfatti and Viale Bligny and consists of several buildings, all within walking distance to Porta Ticinesethe Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio :.

Several other administrative and research offices of Bocconi's individual institutes are scattered across the area, especially around Parco Ravizza and Viale Isonzo.

The type of accommodation varies between the residences and the choice is among single rooms in apartments for either one, two or four people. The residences offer also services to students such as cleaning services, laundry rooms, study rooms, parking spaces.

Many students, however, choose to rent private apartments which are easy to find around the university area. The university offers four three-year undergraduate courses in Economics which share a common basis in the first three semesters and then distinguish themselves from one another by focusing on either Finance CLEF[11] Social sciences CLES [12] or Business administration CLEAM ; [13] the fourth course is entirely taught in English BIEMF and is targeted at both international students and students pursuing an international career.

Students in this course have the choice to major in EconomicsManagement or Finance during their course of studies. The University also offers a five-year course in Law, which incorporates the Italian equivalents of the Bachelor of Laws and the Master of Laws.

In a joint venture with the Central European University of BudapestBocconi also offers a four-year Dual Degree in International Businessthe first two years of which are spent in Budapest and the latter in Milan.

The Bocconi Graduate School mainly offers master programs mainly taught in English, with some also in Italian: [19]. Bocconi University School of Law was established inconsolidating the tradition of legal studies at Bocconi under the aegis of the "A. Sraffa" Institute for Comparative Law. The School of Law currently offers a combined LL. The SDA also offers professional education to executives and managers. As ofthe University has 20 permanent research centers and four research project centers.

Bocconi is a member of the Offshoring Research Networkan international network researching the offshoring of business processes and services. The University is home to a number of societies, some of which are directly involved in facilitating students' integration into the campus life environment and in organizing special events ranging from business games to excursions.

Bocconi lies in the Navigli area of Milanmaking for easy access to all the main landmarks and activities of the city for its students. In the atrium of the oldest building of the university there are three sets of doors. The central doors, which are larger than the others, have two lions to either side of them.Registration is mandatory to join the event. After registration and starting from 10 July, you will be able to access the virtual area with your own credentials, get a glimpse of the career fair and preview the company booths by reading corporate profiles, watching videos and having a first look at open positions.

Preparing for the event will get you ready to break the ice during the live days, during which you will be able to:. Cancel Login. New user? Register now Forgot Password? New password:. Confirm password:. Cancel Update. Cancel Reset. Need Technical Assistance? Toggle navigation. Date: 14 and 15 July Time: 11am — 4pm CEST. Event is over now. Register now. What to expect? Preparing for the event will get you ready to break the ice during the live days, during which you will be able to: Network and interact with recruiters and company representatives through one-to-one or group chats and one-to-one video-meetings - please note that the same employers will attend on both live days; Introduce your virtual profile and let recruiters know more about you; Apply for available positions enlisted within the booth applications will also be accepted for one week after the event.

Discover Employers. Frequently Asked Questions. Add Settings. Do I need to register for the event? Yes, you have until 9 July to register. This deadline will not be extended.

Non-registered users will not be allowed to access the event. How can I log in? After registration, you can enter your credentials in the above login button. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have a good internet connection.If you are interested in pursuing a career in consulting, you will find that BCG has a lot to offer you, both in terms of career development and life experience.

If you are interested in BCG but currently not ready to apply for a job, please create a profile here and tell us about yourself. If you have previously registered, you can sign in at any time to update your profile information. We are pleased to connect you with our recruiting team and we are looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our on-campus events.

She is passionate about Japan and she loves to explore new countries and cultures. BCG provides unique opportunities to fresh graduates and young professionals with outstanding academic records, excellent analytical skills, fluent both in Italian and English. If you are interested in starting a career in BCG, we highly encourage you to send your candidacy about three month prior to your expected graduation date.

For full-time internship applications, BCG Milan seeks students attending their last year of Bachelor's or in their first year of Master's. Candidacies can be received and processed any time of the year. BCG uses cookies to improve the functionality, performance, and effectiveness of our communications. Detailed information on the use of cookies is provided in our Privacy Policy.

By continuing to use this site, or by clicking "I agree," you consent to the use of cookies. Recruiting Team. Application Process BCG provides unique opportunities to fresh graduates and young professionals with outstanding academic records, excellent analytical skills, fluent both in Italian and English.

Please, to proceed with an application, kindly provide: a motivation letter your updated CV your top 3 office preferences. On Campus.An MBA is a radical experience after which your professional prospectseven personal ones, will no longer be the same.

bocconi and employers

This environment builds candidates with a truly global mindset and strong diversity management skills. Almost all of them pursue a substantial change in their careers in either industry sector, function or country, and they are invariably successful.

bocconi and employers

We are a team of dedicated professionals with consolidated experience in supporting companies of all sizes, whether large corporations or growing start-ups, from all sectors and geographies.

Career Service invites employers and alumni to meet MBA students on campus, at their premises, organizing challenges and competitions. The MBA Career Services division works with you for the entire duration of the program to support your professional development. We spend time with you individually and collectively, always promoting personal responsibility and initiative. Our goal is to get you the best career results by leveraging your resources and your energy and making the best use of the knowledge and tools you will learn.

Read more. Career Services works with each company to find the best way to promote their employer brand and to target the right students for their employment openings.

The program lasts 15 months, but its impact reaches far beyond that. Thanks to Bocconi, I was able to achieve my dream of working for a major multinational abroad, ultimately changing countries, industries and functions. The school offers excellent exposure to global companies and career paths and boasts a dedicated Career Services team.

The MBA at SDA Bocconi has been a life-changing experience that has challenged my thinking, pushed my limits and transformed me personally and professionally.

There is a tremendous amount of professionalism in everything that happens both in and out of the classroom, with Career Service ready to support you in every step of this amazing journey.

JobTeaser's ecosystem offers higher education institutions a career platform that has been developed in response to specific needs of companies, students, Alumni and career development experts.

JobTeaser connects students to the business world and supports them in finding their next job or internships, giving them tools to be prepared and develop a successful career. We are a team of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds — consulting, academia, headhunting, industrial — and a common passion to promote students' personal and professional development and help recruiters find the right talent for their business needs.

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Bocconi and Employers

Watch all videos. The Keywords: Intensity — Diversity — Change. Luxury Business Management Concentration.What skills are most important to employers?

Which skills motivate them to choose the candidates they hire? In addition to soft skills, there are other, more tangible or technical skills that most projects require. In order to get your application noticed, be sure to incorporate in your resume and cover letter the skills you have that are required for the position. Also, highlight your most relevant skills during job interviews by being able to provide real-life examples.

Employees need to be able to confront a problem, think it through, and decisively apply solutions. These are known as analytical skills. The level of analytical skills required will vary, depending on the job and the industry. Closely aligned with analytical skills, employees are expected to organize, plan, and prioritize effectively.

The ability to communicate effectively — both verbally and in writing — is both essential and rare. Those with strong communication skills are in high demand, regardless of the job or industry. Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills, are the skills you use to interact and engage with others.

Many are hired quickly based purely on their ability to connect with people. You can develop the emotional intelligence and self-awareness you need to connect with a hiring team. Even if you're not applying for management jobs, leadership is a valuable skill to bring to the employer.

Employers want employees that are positive even in stressful and challenging circumstances. Positivity denotes your level of resilience. When you are interviewing, be sure to share examples of how you worked well on a team. The technical skills you need will vary, of course, depending on the job.

However, most positions require at least some technical skills. This includes experience using industry software, completing higher-level education such as college degrees or vocational certificationsor being experienced at highly-specific tasks.

These days, technology shapes the world we live in.It is now designed to work on smart phones and tablets. Our professional team makes it its business to understand the needs of Employers so that Bocconi students and graduates are in the best possible position to fulfill them.

bocconi and employers

Please note: upon registration you will have to accept the General Conditions concerning the use of the Portal. Should you have already identified a suitable Bachelor, Master of Science or Specialized Master candidate without posting an internship offer on JobGate, you can formalize the experience through our portal in a few simple steps.

If necessary, we will contact you within 5 working days after the registration. JobGate What is JobGate? What does JobGate offer? Easy internship and job posting; the job profile can be enriched with a company profile, to help you better reach your target. Applications can be received and stored directly on the portal. JobGate enables employers to simply formalize internships offered to students and graduates Bachelor, Master of Science or Specialized Masters.

How can I access the system? Have you already used JobGate to formalize an internship? Please access the portal with your login details and set off the internship as usual. Is it the first time you wish to formalize an internship with Bocconi? Who can I refer to for further details?

bocconi and employers

Please read our quickstart guide for detailed instructions on how to use the Portal. For further details please refer to your relationship manager.Employers and Partners Employers and Partners. Employers and partners Recruiting and employer branding Internships Profiles and placement for Bocconians Partnerships.

Corporate relations is a strategic strength for the University. Bocconi has built an international network with the most important organizations and institutions and top employers to develop partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. Bocconi is constantly engaged in dialogue with companies, organizations and associations interested in cooperating with the University.

The University supports companies through collaborative projects. Employers can contribute to the development of the University with donations through the Support Bocconi Sostieni Bocconi project. Bocconi provides Italian and international employers with a number of online and on-campus services that enable the recruitment of qualified resources and include personalized employer branding activities.

Private and Public Sectors in the Economy After the Pandemic

Two editions in Milan, in May and November. Recruiting Date, periodical meetings for companies from a specific sector.

An internship represents a moment of educational collaboration between employer and University. It is possible to set up an internship with students enrolled in Bachelor and Master programs, or with graduates of either up to 12 months after finishing.

Bocconi prepares qualified resources with professional training that eases entrance into the global job market in the areas of economics and management, finance, political science, law, and data science. Highlights Student profiles Placement of graduates Bocconi in international rankings. Bocconi collaborates with companies and foundations, building partnerships that are drivers of development, innovation and social mobility.

Bocconi University

Highlights Partnership Our Partners. JobGate JobGate is the University portal that facilitates the meeting between supply and demand in the job market. Employers can publish internship, placement and graduate program offers in Italy and abroad. Employers can meet students and graduates and select the best resources. A registration fee is required. In-Company Training This activity allows companies to host selected groups of students at their premises, in Italy or abroad.

Firms have the opportunity to contact potential candidates and to work on employer branding. Mock Interview This initiative involves company representatives during days dedicated to simulated job interviews in Italian or English, on campus or via Skype. The interviewers provide immediate feedback.